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Meet JBD's Divorce Coach: Diane Dempster

Becoming a coach made Diane a better person, mom and wife. It also prompted her to examine her marriage and ultimately to hire JBD to determine if she should mend or end her marriage. Diane shares the value of having coaching skills and still needing her own coach to help her navigate the emotional and practical aspects of this difficult decision.

In this episode you will learn what led Diane to become a coach and how her primary business, ImpactParents.com fit her life experience, professional skill set (outside of coaching) and her desire to be part of a team.

A decade into coaching and now navigating life as a single mom in a new romantic relationship, Diane shares her passion for helping parents and individuals struggling in their marriages. We touched on a number of JBD episodes Diane has recorded. You can find them below.

Request a Free Rapid Relief Call with Diane at:  calendly.com/diane-jbd
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