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The High Net Worth Divorce Playbook: Do I Need an Employability Expert?

Perhaps like me, you’ve never heard of an employability expert. When I began designing this Series, the topics of employability and vocational analysis weren’t even on my radar.  As I spoke with our experts, I realized how vital this piece is to the overall success of your divorce, whether you are the primary earner or the other spouse.

Today’s expert takes us through the function of an employability expert, how to determine if you need one, what they do and the value that they bring to the settlement negotiations as well as to the spouse who needs to re-enter the workforce.  This conversation is overflowing with valuable insights, information and advice!

Rona Wexler is 'The Employability Expert'.  She provides expert witness services on earning capacity and employability and offers litigation support to family law attorneys nationwide with a strong focus in New York, Connecticut New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Rona’s unique expertise allows her to quickly grasp the key issues in an employability assessment and supports her findings with solid research, a sound process and keen understanding of the key issues while offering valuable insights during her consultations that have saved clients time and expense.

Rona Wexler, M.A., ABVE/D
Wexler Vocational and Career Consulting
15900 Riverside Dr. West, Suite 6C, New York, NY 10032
(646) 335-5236  [email protected]

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