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All Things Parenting: 6 Steps to Successfully Negotiate CoParenting Conflicts w/Rick and Diane Dierks

After your divorce is finalized,  it is so important when stepping off the divorce battlefield, to put down your weapons, take off your coat of armor and begin the process of navigating your post divorce life.  When co parenting is a part of that life, it is so easy to slip back into old patterns of arguing, blame and accusation.  It can feel like nothing has changed except you are now under two roofs.

Today’s guests have a brilliant 6 Step process for calming your reactivity, shifting your focus, gaining clarity on what is important and what your big picture goal is and entering your negotiation with a brilliantly empowering skill.

Diane and Rick are cohosts of a wonderful podcast called Co-Parent Dilemmas.  Diane Dierks is also a licensed marriage and family therapist in Georgia and she is Executive Director of the Center for Navigating Family Change. Rick Voyles is CEO of the Center for Dispute Solutions and is a published author, mediator and anger management specialist.

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