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Voices of Celebration: I Felt Like I Lost Everything. Now I Have More Than I Ever Imagined

Bob faced a true emotional Tsunami as he found himself divorced and out of a job within three weeks of his wife asking for a divorce. If that wasn't enough to throw him on his ear, in his trusting way, he had his wife's attorney manage the divorce and was left with spousal support and child support based on a job he no longer had and couldn't seem to replace!

The journey from that dark place included looking at his fear of losing his children, shame and self doubt based on his religious upbringing and a destructive habit he used to regulate himself and a deep sense of financial insecurity.

Bob shares the work he did, the amazing place he is in now with great relationships with each of his kids and enjoying getting back out into the dating world as a better version of himself and therefore meeting and dating interesting women. He feels blessed for the divorce, the journey it set him on and the man he is today. Tune in!

Books referenced in the podcast:
The Way of the Superior Man
No More Mr. Nice Guy

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