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JBD Team Talks: The Practice of Noticing and Letting Go

Divorce offers a plethora of opportunities to get triggered, react and then remain upset. Today's talk is about the difference between the pain of divorce and the suffering so many of us experience. The difference is your ability to take responsibility for your emotional reaction and ultimately let go.

Most of us weren't taught to 'go in' when we get upset, but rather to look outwards and blame other people or circumstances. Karen challenges that approach and shares a powerful practice of noticing your resistance or acceptance of the initial 'event' and then noticing your thoughts and feelings as you continue to focus on that event.

The freedom and peace that is available to us comes when we take agency over our thoughts and actions. This requires us to know the difference between our thoughts and feelings, to notice our thoughts and 'shift' them when they don't benefit us. In doing so, we experience an emotional shift to a lighter more hopeful place. Practice makes for progress. Tune in and begin your practice of letting go today! 

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