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JBD Team Talks: The Liberating Power of a Positive NO

Can understanding how to say “no” in a new and more productive way benefit relationships, even those headed for or in the midst of some stage of the divorce process? In this team talk Karen and Lisa will discuss how “no” can improve relationships and share how to prepare and deliver beneficial “no’s”. 

How we say “no” determines how well our “no” is received. Saying “no” skillfully is ever more significant during the critical conversations that occur leading up to, during, and post divorce.  “No” delivered without skill alienates and angers.  A consciously constructed and delivered “no” enhances the respect we have for ourselves, the way others perceive us, and improves relationships. Well delivered “no’s” relieve a significant amount of the stress and expense for everyone involved during the divorce process and the reconstruction period post divorce. This is a skill that will benefit you immensely as well as set a healthy example for everyone around you. 

Today’s Team Talk was inspired by “ The Power of a Positive No” by author William Airy.

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