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Voices of Celebration: My Faith Walk Through Divorce: From Fear to Freedom

Jodi recently emerged from a 2 year high conflict divorce. She and her family were integrally involved in a local community of faith and she shares how her practice of devotionals and prayer were a regular part of her life.

Jodi shares how her faith at first kept her stuck in an unhealthy marriage as she believed that no matter how bad, God would fix things and divorce was not an option. Over time, she found a healthy support team, received counsel encouraging her that her experience of marriage was not what God had in mind and freed her to begin her journey to freedom.

Jodi took a few years to educate herself about divorce , develop the skills to re-enter the work force and build a support team that would help her through the toughest of days...and there were many that included her kids' painful struggles.

Now on the other side of divorce, Jodi talks about all she learned, the many ways she grew and the power of her faith to bolster her through the valleys and shepherd her to a better life!

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