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Special Guest: How to Recognize and Exit an Oppressive Marriage and Thrive Post Divorce with Kate Walker

Most men and women who live in dysfunctional marriages are challenged to find the strength and courage to leave, navigate what may very well be a high conflict divorce and figure out how to reinvent themselves post divorce. Today's guest walks us through her journey of using the pain of childhood challenges and an oppressive marriage to fuel personal growth and a better next chapter.

Kate was a monied spouse who also took on the lion's share of raising the family and household tasks. Overwhelmed and exhausted with two little children, and a corporate job, Kate had to create an exit plan to leave her marriage and reinvent her life.

Kate Walker is an Author, Executive Leadership Coach who served as Human Resources Director at global companies in marketing, gaming and sports before taking the leap into entrepreneurship as a single mom of two sons.

With no more corporate salary and two sons to support, Kate used her business experience and mindset principles to turn her new consulting company into a success. A true self-made woman and the long term financial provider for her family, Kate is sharing her journey in her upcoming book, A Candid Conversation: Lessons in Life, Love, and Leadership [out NOW]. Both a memoir and a guide to leadership and empowerment, Kate shares the advice and tools she wishes she'd had while navigating a corporate exit, single parenthood, and entrepreneurship with two sons at home.

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