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All Things Parenting: Real Life Amicable and High Conflict CoParenting with Jessica and TH of the ExExperts

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2023
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Today's conversation highlights both the unique differences one faces when coparenting with a high conflict ex and the common challenges that we all face coparenting no matter when level of conflict we've experienced with our ex.

Jess and TH are the founder of Exexperts.  They were friends in marriage and besties post divorce.  Tune in the hear the real life stories of fear, upset and overwhelm followed by self awareness, personal growth, and the self esteem and understanding of their healing paths that each of these amazing women have traversed.

Jess and Th created exEXPERTS & their podcast, Divorce etc. because they know that their friendship was a gift, and feel they now can support others through and beyond divorce. They've lived it, so they get it.

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