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High Conflict: An App that Simplified Coparenting!

If you have young children, there is an ongoing need to communicate with your coparent about the business of raising your children. 

For many high conflict divorces, we know this ongoing communication will be an invitation to more conflict and contention.  

Today’s guest explains that it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Michael Daniels is the founder and CEO of FAYR a modern-day coparenting app which stands for  Family Advocacy is Your Responsibility. 

FAYR is by no means the only digital coparenting option available, but it is one of the first APPs and therefore, offers you the ability to manage your coparenting needs while on the go...using your digital devices.

Michael explains how the app addresses 4 key areas that require ongoing communication with your ex and how using the app invites less talking and disagreement and more ease and clarity.  The areas include scheduling, expense tracking, messaging, his uniquely designed geo check-in feature.

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