As if divorce isn’t complicated enough, adding wealth and a family business and divorce negotiations can get quite complex…and emotionally charged!!  That is why I created a series around Divorce and the Family Held Business. 

Whether you’re the primary business owner or the spouse of, this series is for you.  We speak to attorneys for each side and walk you through what to expect and how to prepare from consultation through settlement.  Along with the typical intricacies of high net worth divorce are the unique complexities of the family business, partnerships, commercial properties, employment of family members and so much more. 

Our experts are experienced in all these areas and will assist you in asking the right questions, gathering the appropriate information and ultimately negotiating the best possible settlement.

Added bonus:  Everyone who reaches out for one on one support, receives a Free Rapid Relief Call to help you along your journey.

Click on any image below to listen to the episode.

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