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Meet the Journey Beyond Divorce Coaches


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Karen McMahon

Chief Visionary ~ Divorce & Relationship Coach.

Karen’s passion is to help men and women navigate the emotional difficulties of relationships, breakups and divorce. Your work together will open up the possibility that your current relationship challenges can lead to a rewarding voyage of self-discovery and an immensely more pleasing life experience.

Karen founded Journey Beyond Divorce in 2010, after discovering that the pain of dissolving her marriage had been the very stimulus for her personal transformation.

During her three and a half year tumultuous divorce, Karen’s life began to improve exponentially. With much hard work, she embraced her new life, created healthy friendships, found her true voice, and learned to set suitable boundaries and let go of what she could not control.

Learning to live a healthy enlivened life is something that we can share with our children creating thriving relationships with them while helping them grow emotionally strong and healthy.

Karen is the mother of two emerging adults, a graduate of the world’s leading coaching institute, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and a Certified Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Karen’s other accomplishments include work as a NYS Lobbyist, Health Advocate, Community Organizer, and Chairperson of a NYS non-profit organization, Director of Sales and Marketing, and successful small business owner.

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Lisa Brick

Partner ~ Divorce & Relationship Coach

Lisa has invited, supported, and cajoled numerous individuals into being who they want to be; powerful, effective, creative, centered, generally upbeat, and self expressed human beings. In doing so, Lisa effectively challenges individuals’ logical assumption that circumstances are the limiting factor in life, knowing that this assumption undermines personal motivation and creativity.

In addition to four decades of experience in supporting individuals’ well-being as an acupuncturist, whole foods advocate, dedicated family person, and since 2010, certified iPEC coach, Ms. Brick has personal experience with life changing in unwanted, dramatic, and challenging ways, knows the devastation of facing what appears to be a nightmare future, and finding and staying in the eye of the storm until it loses its power and the sailing is smooth once again.

Lisa brings new ways of thinking and being to light. Lisa’s most evident collective accomplishments include Unity Charter School in Morristown New Jersey, the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey, and a loving and healthy marriage and family of 30 plus years. Ms. Brick sees all of her accomplishments as “collective” endeavors that include everyone, dead and alive, real and fictional, who have shared their ideas, talents, strategies, and energies.

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Diane Dempster

Divorce & Relationship Coach

Diane’s specialty is helping individuals working through divorce especially when there are kids in the picture. “When you decide to change the relationship you have with the other parent, there is going to be an impact on your kids, no matter how old they are. I’m focused on helping parents figure out how to support themselves AND their kids through what is often a really difficult process.”

One of the things Diane is most proud of is how she personally navigated her own divorce process – working with another JBD coach.  The amicable relationship she maintains with her ex and the “extended” family they have created over the years is far from perfect, yet everyone feels loved, accepted, and valued.

In 2008, Diane’s life shifted.  She lost her job and with it, her identity.  At the same time, Diane’s marriage was shaky and she was struggling in her role as a Mom.  Through coaching, she reclaimed her life, became a stronger parent for her two (now young adult) kiddos, and ultimately decided to step away from her 20 year marriage.  “The tools I learned as a coach made me a better communicator, helped me to gain clarity on I want for my own life and be the kind of parent my kids needed to help them be successful.”

Diane Dempster MHSA, CPC, PCC, co-Founder of ImpactADHD®.com is a certified professional coach, speaker, and educator with over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, and a strong commitment to her spiritual path.

Diane received a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, and her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She lives with her two young adult kids, and is committed to living a conscious, balanced and joy-filled life, and helping others do the same. 

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Carrie Doubts 

Divorce and Relationship Coach

Carrie Doubts supports people who are dealing with difficult relationships, breakups, and divorces to go through the painful, yet necessary steps for rebuilding their lives after their loss. Her passion is helping men and women move beyond the drama and trauma of the ending of a significant relationship and into creating new lives and new dreams for themselves and their families.

One of the most challenging struggles separating and divorcing couples face is finding a way to move from the emotional reactivity that can be so unintentionally destructive and into consciously choosing how to end the partnership in a way that supports everyone involved. Carrie can help with that. Through your coaching adventure, she will take you on a journey of discovery on how to be a “me” after being a “we” for so many years.


Carrie’s journey to do this work began when her marriage of 13 years ended in divorce. Like many of you, she found it difficult to “get over it” and “just move on.” Carrie was in excruciating pain and felt like a complete failure. She also knew that she needed to learn from this experience so that she could avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Carrie felt compelled to create something meaningful and beautiful out of this pain, so she immersed herself in self-development and personal growth.

Carrie went back to school and earned a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. After studying to be a Psychologist (and deciding that this was not the career for her) she earned her professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is also a Certified Grief Counselor by the American Academy of Grief Counseling. Carrie holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with International Coach Federation (ICF). 

As a member of the Journey Beyond Divorce team, Carrie is dedicated to empowering, guiding, and supporting men and women in making choices throughout the process of completing their relationships that honor their values, their families, and the loving that was once a pivotal part of their lives. The goal is to help you to reconnect with your heart, reclaim your power, and re-align with your purpose to create your life's next chapter. 

Carrie is also the lead trainer and supervisor for coaches on the Journey Beyond Divorce Team. She is a certified Mentor Coach and loves supporting coaches in deepening their coaching skills and gaining mastery in the unique approaches that help clients move more quickly and powerfully through challenges that divorcing couples face.

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Rachel Goldman

Divorce & Relationship Coach

Rachel brings decades of experience working with people going through divorce to her coaching.  A divorce lawyer and mediator for three decades, Rachel decided a geographical adventure and a professional change were in order.  She moved from Boston to Los Angeles, became a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and began coaching people as they traveled on the journey of their divorce and beyond.

The end of a marriage often triggers anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and fear.  Rachel has a deep understanding of this emotional roller coaster, having gone through her own divorce and come out the other side.  She knows from professional and personal experience that how we choose to navigate these stormy seas will have a direct impact on the length of our suffering as well as on the quality of our life post-divorce.

Rachel’s passion is helping clients learn to transform discord into opportunity.  She does this by offering support and providing tools, strategies, and resources that help her clients shift from feeling stuck to imagining options, from feeling lost to gaining clarity, from feeling ungrounded to discovering inner strength and confidence, and from emotionally reacting to choosing how to engage and communicate productively.   

In addition to her coaching, Rachel mediates difficult conversations between two or more people and teaches workshops on communication and conflict management.  She is the mother of three amazing young men and lives in Los Angeles with her wife and soul mate. 

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Who We Are

Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. 

Our team of coaches helps you to navigate the shifting world that you currently inhabit, and utilize your struggles as stepping-stones that lead to inner strength, clarity, and confidence.

From this place you begin to uncover your true self and develop the capabilities to manifest your true desires.

  • We support you to calm this emotional storm and learn how to navigate through the storm.
  • You become a stronger, more effective, happier human being with enhanced personal skills. When storms come your way in the future,
  • You find the eye of storm and stay centered, rather than being blown away and off your chosen course.
  • You become the master and creator of your new life experience.
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