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All Things Parenting: Parallel Parenting: A Proven Approach to Successful High Conflict Co Parenting with Brook Olsen

Welcome to another episode of All Things Parenting.  You’re post divorce and survived the chaotic, complex, often times hostile and overwhelming divorce process. You thought you would be free, feel better, be less triggered and engaged with your ex. But you have kids together and somedays it feels like nothing has changed except you’re living under separate roofs!


How can you successfully co parent with a high conflict person when there is so much that continues to trigger you.  The answer lies in understanding and evolving YOUR behavior.  Today’s guest is one of the best experts I have found in the field of Parallel Parenting or High Conflict Co Parenting. 


Brook Olsen is the Founder of The High Conflict Diversion Program, Author of The Black Hole of HighConflict and hosts The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast.  I am so excited to have you back for another conversation. 


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