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High Conflict: How to Remain Peaceful, Productive and Professional

Today’s powerful episode gives you the strategies and tools needed to communicate more effectively with your spouse’s high conflict personality.  You have been struggling with criticism, deflection, blaming and black and white thinking.  You have doubted your own version of reality, lost your self esteem and tried time and again to reason with your spouse to no end.  What you didn’t know was that communicating with a HCP requires a very different approach.

HCPs do not respond to logic.  Their brains are wired differently which is why your reasoning was fuel to the fire of conflict you were trying to put out.  You continually get hooked into his/her reality, react is frustration or discouragement with nothing changing.

Today’s guests, Megan Hunter and Andrea LaRochelle are experts in high conflict disputes and explain why your reasoning approach has not worked and what you need to do to communicate more effectively with the HCP in your life.  Learn about the EAR and BIFF approaches that will forever change the way you interact and coparent with your HCP.

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