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JBD Team Talks - Choosing Holiday Traditions During Divorce

One of the many aspects of our lives that changes during divorce is the way we spend the holidays and more specifically, holiday traditions. Today Karen talks about how to make the decision about what to keep, what to let go of and what to add that is new.

A key element in making a healthy choice is to consider what your choice is based on.  Are you choosing based on what others want you to do?  Based on your anger and resentment? Or perhaps on your fear of disagreeing with your STBX or ex?  The best way to choose is to first determine your priorities and values around the holidays and your children.  

Next, if you are letting some things go and adding new ones, that can be fun and exciting and add to the newness of this next chapter of life.  Karen shares a few choices she made, some that were difficult and others that were unique and creative.

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