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The Only Way Out is Through: Getting Beyond the Pain of Divorce

By JBD Team | Tags - being healing struggle support Feb 22, 2014

Many of us do anything to not feel our pain.  We unconsciously throw moderation to the wind and numb ourselves in excess.  We OVER eat,...

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A Personal Journey

By JBD Team | Tags - fear freedom personal growth rebuilding struggle Oct 22, 2013

A guest post by Sara Klar.  Her personal journey

It happened just rounding 4 years ago this summer that John, my long term partner of 12...

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Embrace Turbulent Times: Survive the Suck of Divorce

By JBD Team | Tags - divorce emotions finances strategies struggle survive Apr 10, 2013

By Lisa Brick

This post offers strategies drawn from the natural world that, when utilized, will allow you to survive divorce by keeping your head...

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